Skin Resurfacing Carbon Laser Facial

The Carbon Laser Facial

The Carbon Laser Facial is a type of treatment for the face which leaves skin softer, firmer and smoother. It is a non-invasive procedure and is sometimes called the charcoal facial or charcoal peel. It involves applying a layer of liquid carbon over the face, which penetrates deep into the pores. A laser blasts the carbon away, with the light highly attracted to carbon particles.

At Norwich Face and Body Clinic, we have the exclusive Q10 laser, a High-power Nd: YAG laser with four wavelengths which effectively treats an array of skin conditions and concerns.

Treatment benefits:
  • Toning
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Skin Lightening/Brightening
  • Pore Reduction
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Acne/Oil Reduction
  • Freckle Reduction
How it works:

This Norwich Carbon Laser Peel is an effective treatment that results in a flawless complexion, so no acne, acne or enlarged pores! This treatment, which is a go-to for many celebrities before the red carpet, can cleanse, rejuvenate and replenish the skin of many different skin concerns.

By using carbon liquid as the active ingredient in this treatment, we are able to target skin concerns such as oily skin, blackheads, enlarged pores, dull skin and acne across the face and body. The carbon penetrates deep into the layers of the skin when applied to the treatment area. As the laser is passed over the area, it destroys the liquid carbon, removing the contaminants, oils, and dead skin cells along with it.

What to expect:

The liquid carbon which is applied to the skin has the ability to absorb excess sebum (oil) and impurities from deep within the pores, so when the laser is used on these areas, the contaminants from within the skin are destroyed along with the carbon particles. As the carbon particles are destroyed, dead skin cells and blackheads are also removed, which results in an effective exfoliation for the skin. Say hello to softer, more radiant and more even skin and a reduction in pores.

Heat energy is also produced as the laser is attracted to the carbon on the skin, which leads to additional benefits for your skin. The bacteria responsible for acne on the skin’s surface is reduced, which means fewer pimples and breakouts. It also reduces the size of the sebaceous (oil-producing) glands, resulting in less oil production and reduced congested pores.


Pre and post care will be discussed at the consultation and reiterated each visit. Our guidance is as follows. DO NOT (for 24 hours after each treatment): Undertake any activity that creates heat – such as exercise, sauna, steam bath, cooking over steaming pans etc. if having face treated. Avoid any heat on the treated area for 48 hours, such a hot bath, showers, saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds. Use perfumed lotions or skincare products. Use sunbeds or sunbathe during the course of your treatment. Have treatments when the immune system is low due to stress, excess alcohol/drugs, illness. Use Vitamin A or glycolic products for two days, either side of any treatment other than a glycolic peel treatment. DO: Wear loose-fitting clothing until redness and numbness subside (if treating a body area. Apply SPF 30 daily. Use only the recommended skincare products during the course of your treatment and apply liberally to soothe and rehydrate the skin. Drink 2 litres of water on the day of the treatment (ideally 1 litre before and 1 litre after) Advise the therapist of any change's medications and your health Seek the advice of your GP should you experience any ill effects. Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours, but we advise a brisk walk or light exercise for 30 minutes after the treatment, along with 1 litre of water. Please note failure to follow the recommended aftercare as laid out above may damage the skin. Be mindful that redness may be present for up to 2 weeks. Bde aware any numbness will subside gradually. The aftercare is essential and must be adhered. The Clinic will not be held responsible for any adverse effects if it is not followed correctly.
Unfortunately, not, we do not recommend this treatment during pregnancy.
We advise to delay this treatment until three months after pregnancy when your skin will have returned to normal.
Yes, we offer several skin treatments for pores; the Skin resurfacing Carbon Laser Peel is fantastic for reducing and clearing pores.
The Laser skin treatment cost is determined by the size and severity of the area. We offer telephone or face to face consultations; enabling you to come along and meet the team to discuss any queries you may have and ensure we prescribe the most suitable laser treatment to meet your needs. Treatments start from £93.
The Resurfacing Carbon Laser Peel facial is a fantastic treatment and works by Reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Tightens dilated pores. Reduces acne scars and discolouration. Removes dead skin cells. Stimulate collagen growth. Improved skin texture. Clears pores to reduce blackheads. Reduces pigmentation. Face sculpting Has a lifting effect and brightening effect. This Laser facial treatment in Norwich is exclusive to the clinic.
We recommend between 1-6 treatments every 2-4 week (depending on the area of concern); this will be discussed at your consultation.

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