Elysion – Pro Tailored Laser Hair Removal

Did you know the average women shaves 7,718 times in her lifetime? Wow, that seems like a lot of wasted time doesn’t it? If you agree then our Elysion – Pro Tailored Permanent Hair Removal could be the solution for you! Here at Norwich Face & Body Clinic, we offer the best and most effective permanent solution to unwanted body hair. Whether it is your top lip, underarms, back, bikini line or full legs, using the latest method Elysion technology, our qualified clinicians will remove unwanted hair in moments.

Introducing the Elysion Laser
Having treatment by our Elysion-Pro Laser Hair Removal Machine means that you won’t need as many treatments as with the older style IPL (Intense Pulse Light). This laser hair removal machine is different. Elysion is like no other technology in the market, delivering square pulse technology, which ensures evenly distributed pulses, eliminating any loss of energy during the shot. Our Elysion-Pro targets the hair follicle directly, as opposed to the visible hairs on the skin. Only 30% of hairs are visible on the skin surface, so if you require permanent Laser Hair Removal in Norwich, this newer technique is a quicker, permanent and more cost-effective solution. You will never have to wax, shave, tweeze or thread ever again!

How it works
Elysion is a high-power treatment that utilises cooling technology to get the very best permanent hair removal results. Elysion is designed and manufactured by the experts in laser hair removal technology to offer clinically proven results while maintaining maximum patient safety. The high-quality diode laser works to selectively heat the melanin and destroy hair follicles without damage to the surrounding skin. The integrated crystal freeze system ensures the skin surface is always kept cool and protected. The laser uses the optimum wavelength of light to gently heat the hair follicle, causing it to disable (without damaging the surrounding skin). The hair then simply falls out of the follicle, leaving the skin smooth and hair free. During the complimentary consultation our practitioners will discuss the treatment options with you, customising the laser hair removal to your individual needs – ensuring maximum results and a relaxing experience. A patch test will also be carried out to ensure no adverse reaction to the treatment. The process of hair removal takes up to 50 weeks in full, depending on the area of the body. We will see you between every 6-12 weeks to treat the area. This is due to growth of the hair follicles targeted at different stages for complete removal. It is essential that we treat you for the 6 visits with the recommended treatment time, to achieve the best permanent results in the safest way possible.

Please see our price list for full pricing and details. Price depends upon the size of an area on the face or body which differs from person to person. at the consultation all of the appointment details will be discussed.

Key Benefits:

• Permanent removal of unwanted hair in a number of areas.
• Removes ingrown hairs and skin darkening.
• Saves time.
• Cost effective.
• Suitable for use on all skin and hair types.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the treatment cost?
Elysion is one of the fastest lasers for hair removal.
Prices start from £150 for the set course of 6 treatments. Payments can be spread over the 6 visits at no additional cost.
Please refer to our price list for information and offers.

How long does the treatment take?
Treatment times range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on which areas are being treated and how many.

Are the results permanent?
Elysion’s high power and effective cooling technology can remove hair permanently
The hairs treated with Elysion will not grow back. However, any future hair growth due to factors such as hormonal changes would require additional treatments in the future.

How many treatments are required?
All visible hairs are removed on each session. A course of 6 treatments are required as laser hair removal is effective on hairs in the growing stage or visible on the skin. At any one time, 70% of hairs in the skin are dormant and not visible on the surface. For maximum clearance, additional treatments are required for each phase of hair growth.
Elysion’s high power and pain free treatment requires fewer treatments than older IPL or lasers which in some cases required 8-15 treatments. For most people, Elysion achieves maximum clearance in just 6 sessions saving you time and money.
Treatments are scheduled every 6-12 weeks to allow the next phase of hair growth to appear on the surface. You will be hair free in between treatments.

What areas can be treated?
We can treat all areas of the face and body from the lip to the toes.

Do you offer payment plans or interest free credit?
Yes, the treatment can be paid over the 6 six visits (every 6-12 weeks) or over 3-12 months using our interest free credit.

Who is suitable for treatment?
Elysion laser can treat most skin tones and types. We treat both men and women who wish to remove unwanted hair permanently. During your consultation, we will ask you to complete a full health questionnaire to identify any conditions/problems, which may prevent you from having this treatment, If we are unable to treat you, a full explanation will be given. If you suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) we can treat you effectively but it will require ongoing maintenance treatment.

How does Elysion-Pro Tailored Permanent Hair Removal work?
Using a specific wavelength of light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle, the laser is applied to the skin and the heat is conducted down to the base of the follicle and coagulates or cuts off the blood flow to the follicle. At the same time, the Elysion ‘cool freeze’ technology cools the skin to protect and avoid any damage to the surrounding skin. The hair will be destroyed and removed permanently and over the next week will fall out leaving the skin hair free and smooth.

How does treatment feel?
Most clients find treatment comfortable as Elysion laser system incorporates advanced integrated cooling. Its patented ‘cool freeze’ skin cooling technology keeps the skin at a cool temperature throughout treatment, protecting the skin and ensuring a painless experience. Elysion also has a dynamic mode that is painless.

Your treatment plan
The first step is to book a free consultation so we can assess your suitability and answer any questions you may have. You will then receive a very clear costing based on area and time taken for treatment. See our price list for guidance. Our prices are lower than other clinics who use older slower laser technology, as Elysion is one of the fastest lasers for hair removal. Prior to beginning your treatment course, we will perform a test patch to ensure no adverse reactions and you may then book your first treatment after 48 hours. Treatment sessions will be scheduled approximately 6-8 weeks apart.


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