Shed The Pounds with 3D Lipo Fat Removal

Having launched our 3D Lipo Non-Surgical Fat Removal treatment back in 2018, we have given so many wonderful people the confidence to feel great in their skin. We aim to empower people to feel their best, however they need it. This includes smoothing lumpy hips, banishing cellulite or reducing unwanted fat on the tummy!

Our exclusive state of the art treatment uses a combination of innovative techniques to break down those stubborn, unwanted fat cells and tighten the skin in areas all over the body. Ultimately, helping our clients to achieve a smoother/slimmer appearance in just 25 minutes, without the need for surgery or time off work.

How Does It Work?

The combination of vibration, radiofrequency, heat and suction put the fat cell membranes under a pressure they are unable to withstand, forcing them to rupture and liquify. This liquid is then released into the body’s circulatory system and drains away. 

Our full 3D lipo treatment includes several individual procedures, including; 

  • Cavitation which uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells
  • Cryolipolysis which freezes fat cells
  • Radio frequency which tightens the skin
  • Dermology which reduces cellulite by rolling the skin

Each of these treatments are available individually or as part of our fat removal programme.

If like me, you watched the truth about cosmetics on BBC One a couple of weeks ago, you will know just how amazing this treatment is!

Treatment Times & Areas

Our 3D lipo treatment can target a variety of areas on the body, including; the stomach, bottom, thighs and arms in as little as 30 minutes.

Depending on the size of the area, results are expected to show between 6-12 weeks after the treatment. Permanent results can be achieved after the treatment course, providing the correct aftercare is followed. 

Except for skin tightening, these treatment results can last between 6-24 months. 

What Are The Benefits?

  • A non-invasive alternative to liposuction
  • No anaesthetic is required for this treatment
  • The treatment is quick and painless
  • Recovery time is instant 

The Difference Between 3D Liposuction & Standard Liposuction

Unlike traditional liposuction, the 3D procedure is entirely non-invasive. We use various strategies including; ultrasound, radiofrequency and cryolipolysis, to reduce fat without ever going beneath the skin.

We Can Help! 

Want to find out more about 3D Lipo Fat Removal? Take a look at our results here! At Norwich Face & Body Clinic we offer a complimentary consultation on all treatments, along with advice and aftercare. Would you like to discuss in more detail about how we can help you? Book in with us or email