Semi-Permanent Make Up

Are you getting tired of pencilling in your eyebrows, eyeliner, lipstick/liner every day? Wouldn’t it be easy to wake up with naturally fabulous brows in place? Imagine going on holiday and being able to swim without your eyebrows disappearing. It can be a very time-consuming process, which can be simplified by our fabulous semi-permanent make up treatments. This technique is also referred to as micropigmentation which is a cosmetic semi-permanent tattoo. During the application of semi-permanent makeup, dense pigment is implanted into the upper dermal layer of the skin using advanced technology, specifically designed for the sensitive areas of the face.

What features can be improved?
Semi-permanent make up is an ideal solution for those suffering with hair loss and thinning eyebrows, as well as adding definition to your eyebrows and lips, giving you a bolder full look. Our highly experienced practitioners carry out lots of treatments, helping you achieve that feline flick effortlessly and with no smudging! Save time and enjoy effortlessly precise make up.

The Process
Here at Norwich Face & Body Clinic we really take the time to listen to your needs, providing the best treatment for long-lasting results. During the initial free consultation, a treatment plan is devised, complete with a lengthy discussion. During this treatment planning we show images of our previous work and discuss styles, shapes shades. We absolutely appreciate that everybody’s skin tone shape of face and features are different so advise on the best possible look.

At Norwich Face and Body Clinic, we offer the below:

• Lip contour which enhances the outline of the lips.
• Lip blush which shades the lips saving a lot of time apply lipstick daily
• Eyeliner from a subtle line on the lower or upper eyelid to a more dramatic thick flicked/winged liner.
• We also offer fabulous Combination Brows which is a mixture of hair stroke and powder, Powdered Brows for a naturally powdered look.
• Our exclusive Catwalk Brows for those wanting a defined combination of shading and Ombre powder and for those who already have some hairs in situ but need a little bit of enhancement we offer Precision Brow Infill, to fill in areas where you may be lacking hair.

Throughout the consultation, all pre and post care is advised. After the patch test, we will be able to see you 48 hours after providing no reaction has taken place.

When we see you for your initial appointment, we again discuss your expectations and draw up your eyebrows, eyeliner, lip blush/contour to ensure we are both happy with the style and design before starting the process.
In most cases a Pigment Enhancement/Redefine session is required 6-10 weeks after the first session to help build and layer the pigment, this is a complimentary pigment enhancement included in the price.

Please note prices are a guide as we see each client as an individual. Price depends upon the size of an area on the face or body which differs from person to person. During the consultation all of the appointment details will be discussed.

Key Benefits:

• Reduces time and costs associated with daily make up application
• Creates definition of the treated area
• Last between 12 and 24 months depending on aftercare
• Quick process, taking around 2 hours
• Perfect for those who are allergic to traditional make up
• Great for those who have busy lifestyles
• Will cover scars, colour blemishes and pigmented spots
• Ideal solution for those suffering with hair loss/ thinning

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the treatment cost?
Prices start from £200.

How long will it last?
The duration of semi-permanent makeup varies person to person. This will depend on many factors such as skin type, age, lifestyle, activity etc. We would expect a pigment enhancement to last between 8-24 months.

How long will the procedure take?
Your first appointment will be a 15-minute consultation where we discuss the treatments in detail along with shape and styles.
The second visit will between 2-2.5 hours
This will include more detail on the design, along with a treated area template pre-drawn to allow us to view the eyebrows before commencing the treatment.

Does semi-permanent make up hurt when being applied?
We use two types of topical anaesthetic. One before the procedure and one during the procedure if needed so it is pain free.

Can you still wear traditional make up?
Absolutely, you can still wear make up on top of the semi-permanent make up, but you must leave the area to heal first. This will all be discussed during your consultation appointment.

Is this the same as microblading?
No, microblading is when a qualified therapist uses a hand tool to cut the skin, and ink is rubbed in. Semi-Permanent Make Up / Micropigmentation uses an electrical current and a needle, which implants the pigment slightly deeper into the skin. It is also said to last longer and hold the pigment better than microblading.

I have a wedding coming up soon, when should I book the treatment for?
From the first appointment, it takes 6-10 weeks for the area to heal due to the natural healing process. During this time, the area may look slightly darker in colour and dry which is normal. The second top up appointment is between 6-10 weeks in which case we would advise for the best results allow 3-4 months after having the semi-permanent make up. Full aftercare will be given in detail during the consultation.

Do you have different colour options available?
Yes, we offer a wide range of colours suitable for brows, lips and eyes.

Is it safe?
Yes, it is totally safe. The highest standards of hygiene are met. The use of a state-of-the-art digital technology system excludes any risks of contra-infection. The pigments are non-allergenic, dermatologically safe and meet strict European medical standards.

What if I don’t like my semi-permanent makeup?
By listening closely and creating a template enhancement in conventional makeup prior to creating your enhancement, we make sure you will get the precise result you expect before we start the procedure.

I am unsure which style/shape will suit me.
We discuss all possible options during your consultation. We also map the eyebrows showing you the template/outline prior to starting the treatment.

What is the “template/outline”?
The eyebrow template/outline is a guideline for us to follow during your treatment. We get you to confirm you are 100% happy before starting the procedure.

Do you shave my brow hair off?
No! We will work with the natural brow line and angles of your face to ensure we achieve the absolute best result.

What will I look like straight after the treatment?
Expect your brows to look darker in colour immediately after the appointment. This will soften in 7-14 days. There can be some slight swelling straight after treatment but this settles very quickly.
Full aftercare along with day-to-day steps on healing will be given at the consultation.

Will I need a top up visit?
Yes, generally 8 out of 10 people will need a second pigment enhancement visit 6-10 week later. During the healing period, you may lose some colour/pigment from one or both of the brows leaving a faded or patchy appearance, hence the top up.

What can I use to help healing?
We supply all clients with all aftercare instructions and ointments.

What about aftercare?
We supply a very thorough and detailed aftercare sheet given verbally and written at the consultation appointment.

Can I pull off my scabs?
As tempting as it may be, do not pull off the scabs, as this will damage the skin and remove the pigment.

Will sun affect the semi-permanent makeup?
Sun can affect the makeup. To ensure longevity, use sun creams with an SPF 30-50 to prevent the pigment from fading.

Are you working with single-use tools, needles?
The needle, caps, hats, gloves, etc are single use items. Treatment areas are always cleaned thoroughly before and after each client.

I already have semi-permanent makeup, but need a top up.
If you have had semi-permanent make up but not with Norwich Face and Body Clinic, we can offer a complimentary consultation, which includes patch test. At this consultation we will view the other technicians work and discuss if we are able to offer a pigment enhancement (top up), if we can – prices start at £100.

I am pregnant and plan on breastfeeding, can I have the procedure?
Sorry no, semi -permanent makeup procedures cannot be carried out when pregnant/breastfeeding.
You also need to be over 18 for this procedure.

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