Mo Chroí SkinKare

We’re super excited to be launching our new innovative, luxury skinkare brand, Mo Chroí.

Founded by Norwich Face & Body Clinic owner, Lauren McKaig.

The Idea

Having a keen interest in skinkare, Lauren has been working hard with a team of specialist chemists and skin therapists, for over six months, to formulate a range that suits all skin types. This includes attending courses to continuously develop her knowledge on the latest theories of skinkare products.

Having changed skin types many times over the years (yes, you can change skin type) Lauren knows what it feels like to have oily, dull, dry and problematic skin. Like many others, she tried and tested everything to clear her skin, but found nothing quite worked. So, she embarked on a mission to find the perfect product.


Lauren’s first thought when naming her skinkare company was to call it McKaig. This idea came as there are very few members of her family left to carry on the surname. However, Mckaig skinkare did not quite sit right, so Lauren went back to the drawing board.

Mo Chroí, meaning my heart in Irish, means so much to Lauren. Around the time Laurens idea came about, her Grandad was in the hospital and sadly passed away. This man played a huge part in Laurens life. He was someone she was close to, encouraged her ambitions and pushed her that little bit further. Therefore, she wanted to contribute to his memory as well as her Irish surname McKaig. So, with that Mo Chroí was born.

What is Mo Chroí?

Mo Chroí is an innovative skinkare brand, offering natural vegan-friendly products suitable for all skin types. Containing a combination of active ingredients and formulation, Mo Chroí unique products aim to protect, restore and repair the skin.

Over the last year, Lauren has been using holistic methods and creating oil-based products to clean her face. Upon doing this, Lauren realised she and many others love to use oil on their skin. Yet, oil in skinkare is something many are put off by. After seeing a specialist who recommended using oil-based products at night, she noticed a remarkable difference. She found that oil transformed her skin –  leaving it smooth, hydrated and offered her that dewy glow she always wanted. 

Mo Chroí products are marine-based and contain a high amount of active ingredients. This keeps the PH of the product in balance. Although putting oil on your skin to clean your skin can seem odd, Lauren is confident that the Mo Chroí Cleanser will be loved by all 

Lauren and the team at Norwich Face and Body Clinic believe the key to excellent skinkare is routine and consistency. 

  • A standard regime of protection from the sun and UV radiation by using SPF daily. 
  • Protection from excessive irritation and drying by avoiding irritating chemicals and drying soaps. 
  • Support the skin’s barrier by using suitable moisturising layers. This will no doubt result in excellent improvement in almost all skin. 

Our Moto

Look after your skin.

You will wear it every day, for the rest of your life. 🖤

The Signature Kleansing Oil 

The first product we are launching is the Signature Kleansing Oil. This seaweed-based oil kleanser gently removes make-up, dissolves dirt and dead skin cells that build upon the skin’s surface. The natural oils nourish and hydrate the skin leaving you with a radiant glow.

Intensive Vitamin C Formula

The second product we are launching is the Intensive Vitamin C Formula. This effortlessly blended, vitamin rich daily serum is suitable for all skin types. Containing elevated levels of biological extracts and Vitamin C. This luxurious formula hydrates, invigorates and transforms the skin’s texture, helping to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and age spots – leaving your complexion bright and youthful.

So, Where Can I Find Mo Chroí?

Mo Chroí is a stand-alone product which has its own website and will be sold independently at We are super excited to share these incredible products with you.

It will also be available at the Norwich Face & Body Clinic and will be used in all specialist facials. We were hoping to throw a launch party at the clinic with cocktails and canapes, but due to COVID this is postponed until a later date. Keep an eye out for the products dropping soon or you can join our waiting list here!