Introducing: The Signature Prescription and The Skinscan Analyser

Here at Norwich Face and Body Clinic we know what it is like to be in pursuit of skin confidence. Wanting to look in the mirror and love your skin, in all its uniqueness, knowing that you are giving it the products and treatments it needs.

Skin is as individual as we are. Texture, sensitivity, pigmentation, and elasticity all vary tremendously from person to person, meaning that any treatment or product you use on your skin will give results that are completely unique.

Our collection of facials are designed to treat a range of issues; some of the main concerns that we see our clients struggling with include;

  • -Ageing, lack of volume, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • -Acne-prone, oily or congested skin
  • -Chronic redness and/or rosacea
  • -Hyperpigmentation, melasma and acne scarring

Now we are introducing our new custom treatment: The Signature Prescription. Only available at Norwich Face and Body Clinic, this treatment may be the answer to all your skin concerns.

The Signature Prescription

At Norwich Face and Body Clinic we appreciate and embrace the individuality of our clients and their skin concerns. Attending a Skin Therapy Consultation with our Advanced Skin Specialist Lauren will allow her to tailor a specific prescription just for you. 

This will lead to the creation of your Signature Prescription; a treatment that will be precise, straightforward and, most importantly, will help create the results you are looking for. The Signature Prescription is developed for your skin and your skin only, providing the ultimate treatment and products that are targeted to your needs.

The resurfacing treatments we use in The Signature Prescription are specifically designed to pass through the top layer of the skin and target the deeper layer, actually creating rejuvenation in your skin as opposed to removing the top layer of skin (like many traditional skin peels).

Along with Lauren’s expertise, we will have BRAND NEW technology to support the diagnosis, analysis and health of your skin.

The Skinscan Analyser

The Skinscan Analyser is the WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED skin detection equipment. During your initial Skin Therapy Consultation, it will:

  • Clinically measure both the surface and subsurface of the skin to create full-face skin imaging with ten facial reports.
  • Capture multispectral photos of your face, analysing your complexion of fine lines and wrinkles, spots, pores, texture, porphyrins, UV spots, moisture, and pigmentation.
  • Create a custom report of your skin’s health, document progression and provide you with easy-to-understand information.
  • PREDICT your future skin using ageing imaging, allowing us to assess and predict the health of your skin in the next 3-5 years

The Analyser does all this and more in just 25 SECONDS.

Lauren’s depth of knowledge combined with the custom report of your skin’s health, created by the Skinscan Analyser, will allow us to:

  • Establish the cause of the skin concerns
  • Relate it to the skin’s function and current condition
  • Create a singular prescription plan, where the combination of home and in-clinic products/treatments will be prescribed based on your exact personal needs.

We are incredibly fortunate to be one of the only clinics in Norfolk to have one of these world-class skin scanners, and we can’t wait to share it with our clients to help them achieve the skin of their dreams.

If you have tried countless products and treatments and are still unhappy with your skin, allow us to help. To find out more, or to book a Skin Therapy Consultation for us to use the Skinscan Analyser with you, please contact us. We will be more than happy to answer your questions or to sign you up to our waiting list to be one of the first in Norfolk to experience these exclusive treatments.

We look forward to seeing you soon!