Luxe & Lift Dermaplaning

Key benefits

How it works

This must-have facial is wonderful for tired and dull skin. Luxe and Lift Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin increasing blood flow, leaving you fresh-faced, smooth and lifted.

Dermaplaning is a non-surgical, facial toning method that manually exfoliates the skin’s epidermis and removes the fine hairs (commonly known as peach fuzz). This layer often traps dirt and oil, a prime cause of breakouts.

What to expect

The skin therapist will begin with a skin cleansing followed by an enzyme peel. This combination is effectively removing dead skin cells, creating a perfect PH balance for your skin. A soothing barrier balm is then massaged into the skin; a surgical blade is gently moved over the skin’s surface to remove any dead cells manually. Now the top layer of skin cells are removed, several layers of a skin booster is applied. This high strength skin-boosting serum is a mixture of five different Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), antioxidants and growth factors, with an auto-neutralising release that is fantastic for skin rejuvenation, acne prevention, treatment of photo-ageing, fighting free radicals damages and most importantly, supporting the skin’s barrier.

Lastly, this facial finishes with our clinically proven LED Phototherapy. The skin absorbs the LED light, which energises the fibroblast cell in the dermis; the cells become energised, produce collagen, increase elasticity, and accelerate healing. The LED light uses different wavelengths, which work on different mechanisms within the cells.
Our facial treatments use products that are developed using the highest quality medical-grade ingredients created by world-class dermatologists. We continuously update our skills and knowledge to ensure we continue to provide the best possible service.

Have questions?


The full treatment starts from £65.
The Luxe & Lift Dermaplaning is a rapid procedure taking just 40 minutes.
We recommend every 4-6 weeks depending on the individuals needs.
You will see amazing results immediately.
Dermaplaning is suitable for the majority of individuals with very few contraindications. It is not recommended where active acne is present.
Dermaplaning is suitable for the full face and neck.
No, the light vellus hair you may have on your faces will grow back the same thickness, shape and colour. If you have a few coarse darker hairs, they will come back the same way.
We recommend that you attend makeup-free, but either way, the skin specialist will perform a deep cleanse before beginning the treatment.
We cannot carry out the treatment on active acne or clients taking skin medication such as Roaccutane. However, if you have historic acne scarring, then it is still possible to have Dermaplaning done.