Laser Acne Scarring & Scarring Reduction

Laser Acne Scarring & Scarring Reduction Norwich

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and we all know that how our skin appearance affects confidence, mood and overall sense of wellbeing. Acne scarring and scarring are a common condition, so you are not alone, luckily acne skin treatments are available to reduce them. At Norwich Face and Body Clinic, we have the exclusive Q10 laser, a High-power Nd: YAG laser with four wavelengths which effectively treats an array of skin conditions. This facial laser treatment effectively reduces and in many cases, removes acne scarring and scarring effectively.

We offer telephone or face to face consultations; enabling you to come along and meet the team to discuss any queries you may have and, to ensure the most suitable treatment is prescribed.

How it works:

This facial laser treatment in Norwich uses a specific wavelength which treats the scarring. This treatment immediately stimulates an inflammatory response and controlled trauma. Your body gets to work to soothe, reinforce and regenerate the treatment site. This rapid production of collagen and elastin is prevalent up to 90 days after the initial treatment and is what rebuilds, tightens, and enhances the damaged structures. This treatment is a fantastic alternative for an individual considering cosmetic surgery for scars on the face.

We offer telephone or face to face consultations; enabling you to come along and meet the team to discuss any queries you may have and, to ensure the most suitable treatment is prescribed.

All machines and equipment within our Norwich Clinic are Medical grade, CE and FDA approved.

To ensure maximum comfort, we use the Cryo-Zet air cooler. This state of art system produces cool air to as low as -35 degrees, this increases comfort, accelerates recovery and reduces side effects.

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Acne consists of blackheads, whiteheads, and deeper pustules such as cysts. Whereas blackheads and whiteheads denote a more superficial infection, cysts are infections which go deeper into the dermis. When blackheads or whitehead spots 'break', the pore swells and the follicle wall ruptures close to the skin's surface. This usually means that the lesion heals quickly and that there is no scar left behind afterwards. When a cyst 'breaks', however, the follicle wall ruptures deeper in the dermis. This results in the infection spilling out underneath the skin, affecting healthy skin tissue. To combat the infection in the dermis, the skin produces more collagen; but this quick-fix healing solution can lead to permanent scarring and long-term pigmentation. Whether cuts and wounds will become scarred tissue also depends on how deep the cut goes into the dermis. Superficial scratches close to the skin's surface, for instance, will heal relatively quickly and usually do not leave scars. However, deeper cuts will lead to the production of collagen deeper in the dermis and may result in a red mark or scar. In order to reduce the likelihood of acne cysts or deep cuts becoming scarred tissue, keep the area clean and try not to squeeze pimples - as this often results in the infection going deeper into the dermis.
Scarring can take 6 sessions, with visits every four weeks. Acne can take 3-6 sessions 2-4 weeks apart. This will be discussed at your consultation appointment.
Yes! We can safely and effectively treat people of all ethnicities and skin types. Our technology is FDA approved for use in all skin types (Fitzpatrick types I-IV).
Pre and post care will be discussed at the consultation and reiterated each visit. Our guidance is as follows. DO NOT (for 24 hours after each treatment): Undertake any activity that creates heat – such as exercise, sauna, steam bath, cooking over steaming pans etc. if having face treated. Avoid any heat on the treated area for 48 hours, such as a hot bath, showers, saunas, steam rooms and sunbeds. Use perfumed lotions or skincare products. Use sunbeds or sunbathe during the course of your treatment. Do not have treatments when the immune system is low due to stress, excess alcohol/drugs, illness. Do not use Vitamin A or glycolic products for two days, either side of any treatment other than a glycolic peel treatment. DO: Wear loose-fitting clothing until redness and numbness subside (if treating a body area. Apply SPF 30 daily. Use only the recommended skincare products during the course of your treatment and apply liberally to soothe and rehydrate the skin. Drink 2 litres of water on the day of the treatment (ideally 1 litre before and 1 litre after) Advise the therapist of any change's medications and your health Seek the advice of your GP should you experience any ill effects. Redness may be present for up to 2 weeks. Any numbness will subside gradually. Avoid heavy exercise for 48 hours, but we advise a brisk walk or light exercise for 30 minutes after the treatment, along with 1 litre of water. Please note failure to follow the recommended aftercare as laid out above may damage the skin. The aftercare is essential and must be adhered to as the clinic cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects if it is not followed correctly.
Unfortunately, not, we do not recommend this treatment during pregnancy.
We advise to delay your treatment until three months after pregnancy when your skin will have returned to normal.
Yes, this laser skin treatment is suitable for all skin types.
The Laser skin treatment cost is determined, but the size and severity of the area. We offer telephone or face to face consultations; enabling you to come along and meet the team to discuss any queries you may have and ensure we prescribe the most suitable treatment to meet your needs. Treatments start from £65.

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